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Apply For Your Scholarship Today!

The Ozaukee County Dairy Promotion Committee will offer scholarships to one or more high school seniors who have, or will be enrolling in a formal educational program related to agriculture.  Students currently enrolled in a similar program may apply and receive the scholarship for the following school year.  The applicant must be an Ozaukee County resident at the time of the application.

Your scholarship guidelines must include the application form, two letters of reference, and an essay describing your educational and career plans.

Rules And Regulations

  1. The scholarship may be used at any accredited vocational school or university where the applicant will be enrolled in a full-time educational program.

  2. Payment of the scholarship will be made by the Committee treasurer following receipt of a cancelled check or fee statement showing the tuition has been paid.  Scholarship amount paid will not exceed the tuition amount.

  3. The amount of scholarships and number of recipients may change on an annual basis.

Selection Criteria

  1. Interest and involvement in agriculture – 20%

  2. School and community involvement – 30%

  3. Essay on career plans – 20%

  4. Letters of recommendation – 30%

Completed Ozaukee County Diary Promotion Scholarship Application and letters of recommendation are due on April 1st

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